Our new webinar series details Trio’s lease-to-own program, how to close a home with Trio, and how to market with Trio. Webinars are offered weekly. Prospective customers should attend the first webinar (Learn How Trio Works). Agents and lenders are encouraged to attend all three webinars in order.


Learn How Trio Works

“Learn How Trio Works” will give you an overview of Trio’s mission, how Trio’s lease-to-own program works, and the qualifications to participate in Trio’s program. Potential homeowners and industry professionals are encouraged to attend.

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Closing with Trio

“Closing with Trio: Trio Training for Agents and Lenders” gives industry professionals the tools needed to close a home with Trio customers. If you have not attended the webinar “Learn How Trio Works”, we recommend you start there to learn how Trio’s lease-to-own program works before attending this webinar.

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Marketing with Trio

“Marketing with Trio” gives industry professionals every Trio marketing tool and resource available to reach new customers. Consider this webinar a great addition to your business plan.

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